Amazon is a logistics, e-commerce and data Storage Company headquartered at Seattle, Washington. This Company is recognized as the largest online retailer globally based on market capitalization and revenue. It sells various consumer products such as Fire tablets, food, jewelry, toys and kindle e-reader among other products sold through It operates various websites in different countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, United States and Germany Rossman and Jones (2016). Emerging as world largest and successful Company has been facilitated by various operating methods and practices that include;

Product Diversification

The company offers entirely all consumer goods ranging from housing to business related products. For instance, searching a particular male jacket could bring more than 2000 results hence allowing customers to explore different products. The Company currently sells various products such as automotive, electronics, clothing and furniture assembly products. Selling a variety of products has assisted the Amazon not only to emerge as the most preferred place for most consumers but also to appear among the largest Companies based on market capitalization worldwide. Product assortment is an ideal way leading to success and vast growth of Amazon Incorporation (Simeon, 2017).

Effective Management

The current achievement of Amazon Inc. can be attributed from administration of its Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos. The CEO has efficiently mobilized his management team by issuing significant directives in a productive way on regular basis. An example of effective management is when the Company adopts its decisions from “Flywheel” philosophy obtained by Bezos from Companies’ consultants to help during major decision making. This has promoted successful leadership efforts offered by the top management therefore showing the entire organization the right path towards emerging as the top Company in the world based on revenue made (Simeon, 2017). Efficient management also attracts more customers leading to increased sales and as a consequence assisting the Company to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale.

Operating Inventively

Amazon Company started by specializing only in books and later invented the idea of selling all other products. It introduced e-kindles and became the most popular Company in the market. It launched several innovative services and products such as Amazon locker. This is a unique and secure service for Seattleites, New Yorkers and Londoners. This service was targeted for individuals who never wanted their parcels shipped or visiting post offices. The service increased consumer satisfaction by surpassing other similar purpose services. The Company also invented a cool app known as Amazon flow that lets its users to take pictures of different products and have them added to Amazon automatically. Performing innovatively is important since it differentiates Amazon from its competitors and other online stores hence making more successful.

Offering great Customer Services

Amazon Incorporation is positioned among the top Companies renown to give best customer satisfaction under the management of its current CEO Bezos. The Company adopts the custom of treating customers as special and focusing less on competitors. Amazon specializes in offering better communication service to its customers rather than giving other physical services (Lipman, 2018).

Better customer service is the greatest strategy behind the success of Amazon Incorporation. The Company has its products in different websites such as clothing stores, online bookstores and music stores. Ranking above other online retailers in customer services and satisfaction makes it more special than other online stores thus making it become more successful.

Execution of Customer Orders

The Company offers mainly products and services that are on demand and also adding after sales services such as distribution. This is facilitated by the fact that, the Company has distribution centers across different parts of globe with good vendor relationship that permits them to sell products at a discounted price. Amazon has a strategic plan of diversifying its operations in different parts of globe such as Europe and as a result employing more workers. The Company is planning to initiate brick and mortar stores that will ensure that customer purchases are delivered instantly Gershgorn and Kessler (2018). Giving customers such preferences and service priority has greatly supported growth and success of Amazon Incorporation.

Amazon Incorporation has maintained a steady growth marking its enormous success in online retailing. The Company has implemented the above strategies effectively hence ensuring that it emerges among the top Companies globally. Amazon Inc. is focusing on including more innovating services, products and practices that will play a vital role in making it become more successful in future.


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